Just went downstairs to see my roommate laying on the couch, snuggling with Guy #2.  Here’s the story:

Roommate dates Guy #1 for a year, long distance. He lives back home.  She literally tells me over and over that she’s going to marry this man. 

Roommate and Guy #1 break up, but he’s still madly in love with her, and she feels the same (I think).  She still tells me she’s going to end up marrying this man.

Start of junior year. 

Roommate starts hanging out with Guy #2, who falls for her. Roommate likes the attention, so decided to string him along even though she’s still halfway with Guy #1.

Guy #2 is okay with the fact that she has Guy #1, and tells her he will wait until she’s figured everything out. 

Guy #2 tells me he’s sick of being strung along, and he’s finally gonna move on.  I tell him this is a very good idea.

This weekend. Guy #3 starts hanging out with roommate. Guy #3 is an awesome, nice guy. They hook up. 

We go to a concert, roommate is with Guy #3.  Roommate sees Guy #2, tells Guy #3 she has to go be with Guy #2, and LEAVES HIM ALONE AT THE FUCKING CONCERT OH MY GOD HIS FACE WAS HEARTBREAKING.  She goes home with Guy #2.


She is cuddling with Guy #2 on the couch. Other roommate actually just came in to inform me that they are making out. 

Guy #3 texted her today saying he’s fine, and he’ll wait for her to figure everything out.  


Roommate is going home to be with Guy #1 for a week. He knows nothing of what is going on.

I’ve decided to write a screenplay based on this, and it will be titled "WHAT THE FUCK"

Because WHAT THE FUCK. Does she have some sort of magical hold over these guys that they cannot see that she is stringing them all along?  I’m really disappointed because she’s one of my closest friends here and I just cannot stand the revelation that she genuinely doesn’t give a shit about other people’s feelings.